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System: Heroes
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Author:  admin [ Sun Jan 08, 2012 8:02 am ]
Post subject:  System: Heroes

System: Heroes

Heroes are the players's avatar in 12Tails' world. Players can choose to play up to three hero types and they can be switched at specific point for good advantage. Each hero has their own specific crafts and skills. Some are meant for close physical combats, some are good at dealing long range damage while some are designed to support other players. However, there is not a strict set of rule, and this depends mostly on how player develop his or her hero character.
Like most RPG, heroes can be developed by collecting experience points (or exp) which in turn will raise their levels and power. With each new level, a hero will receive new skill and bonus points as describe below.

Reward from each new level

- Passive growth of 8 basic stats, which will depend on the hero type.
- 2 bonus stat points, which player can use them to raise the 8 basic stats.
- 1 skill point, which player can use it to learn one new skill from the skill tree.

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