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System: Story Missions
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Author:  admin [ Sun Jan 08, 2012 8:06 am ]
Post subject:  System: Story Missions

Story Missions

The main core of 12TailsOnline are over 150+ consecutive team-based missions which are divided into 24 chapters, 2 Episodes. Each mission will have specific objectives to complete, ranging from typical monster hunt, reaching destination goal, defeating challenging bosses, collecting items, to a more strange goals like riding a mount, flying a plane, or playing as a special npc. The missions will take players through a vast variety of beautiful land set and exciting story lines. Once each mission is cleared and player has gained more levels, the next mission will also be accessible.

Accessing Story Mission

The main story mission can be accessible through Red Panda, who will be seated in different area, giving different chapter missions.

The red panda locations and chapters are as followed:


First Episdode

Novice Ground: Mission 1-16
- Carron Harvest
- Mupo Round Up
- Bugs Trouble
- StingBug Nest
- Needle Cave
- Boldas Recruitment
- Request From Alcacia
- One on One Bout
- Mupo Farm Watch
- Run Mupu Run
- Start of a Long Journey
- Highway Robbery
- Crossing Plain Lagoon
- Grand Theft Mupo
- Wandering Giant
- Double Duel

Snow Camp: Mission 17-32
- Frozen Peppon
- Snow Pine Forest
- Snow Pass
- Samurai Fort
- Italus's Acceptance
- Fire Cave Entrance
- Fire Throne
- Triple Trouble
- Down from the Volcano
- Desert Path
- Cacton Garden
- Sand Oasis
- Wind Valley 1
- Wind Valley 2
- Ctach the Wind if you can
- Desert Survival

Crystal Beach: Mission 33-48
- Through the Swamp
- To The Beach!
- The Two Turtle Sages
- Water Temple
- Sunken City
- Anemone's Palace
- Anemone's decision
- SmashBall
- Flight Back to The City
- Highway Blockade
- Shade in the City
- Smashing Pumpkon
- LightGarden Defense
- Walrus Gone Mad
- Message from the Shadow
- Five on Five

Excavation Camp: Mission 49-64
- A Strange New Foe
- Eastern World Divide
- Sand Dune Terror
- Zappa Base Entrance
- Inside Zappa Base
- Meet Dr. Zappa!
- Machine from the past
- SmackRun
- Life as a GallonBot
- Boldas's Final Test
- Steel Invaders
- Library's Elevator
- LightVault Cleaning
- Enlagea's Fragment
- Remnant Ot Time
- Monster Arena

UnderGroundCamp: Mission 65-80
- Burning Snow Forest
- Mad Vegetables
- Shadoe Palace 1
- Shadoe Palace 2
- Darkness Within
- Shadow God Zera
- Zera's Hidden Plan
- Surprised Assult
- Lavu Attack
- Army Training
- Carrier Site
- Guild under Attack
- Battle At the Great Plain
- City Under Siege
- War Repose
- Decathlon

ForestWarCamp: Mission 81-96
- Ancient Forest
- Dancing of the Hippos
- War in the Forest
- Lost Woods
- Wrath of Titan
- When the Wind Stops
- Silence Earth
- Jungle Hunt
- I am no Knight
- Wind's Hollow
- Magma Pit
- Lady Noir's Dark Ritual
- Tormented Woods
- Crossing Destiny
- Battle for Tomorrow
- Time's Memories

Second Episdode
coming soon...

Mission Result and Reward

Once the goals are complete, players will gain experience points and item rewards based on their team's performance. The performance grading are calculated from average of categories scores as follow:


1. Mission Score : How well were objectives completed.
2. Time Score: Time to complete the mission, the faster the higher.
3. In Game Score: Score result from damage created and monster kills.
4. Bonus Score: Special additional score from hidden objectives.
5. Total Result: The combined result from all of the above.
6. EXP: EXP reward when complete a mission.
7. Item: Item Reward when complete a mission. include drop from MOB in mission too
8. Player Inventory: Your inventory slot. When you click and item, it will move to these slot
9. Gil: Gil reward when complete a mission.
10. RP (Ranking Point): RP reward when complete a mission.
11. Guild Buttom: Return to Your Guild
12. Camp Buttom: Return to Red Panda's Camp in each mission

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