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 Post subject: System: In game interface
PostPosted: Thu Mar 01, 2012 4:49 pm 
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In game interface

The interface is the summary of general details in the game, mostly about the player’s hero. Follow by these composition :

1)General - Showing the hero and basic information, e.g. hero’s name, family name(Player's name), guild, HP/MP/SP, target detail, navigator, command shortcut, and panels button

2)Item panel – When click on the “Item” button, the Item Panel will appear. This panel show the hero's Status on above half, wearing slots in middle and inventory at below. The Status half also shows overall information about the hero , e.g. name, guild's name, levels, weight, moving speed, gained experience and amount before reach next level, rank, Reputation point (RP.) and its amount which has achieved for the present rank.

There will be the point to increse any value in the Status after the hero is level up. To add any value, point a cursor to an value icon to let it be highlighted with pointing up arrow appears, then left click it. The added value will improved and cannot undo this action.

The inventory half shows all item that the hero is holding. An icon of item can be more than one in amount for that item, refered by the number on the bottom right of it if available. To move the item, right click and drag an item to the new position. There're signs on the right : rubbish bin to throw away an iten, split the items to half, and separate one of them. To use these signs, drag the item to the wanted sign.

At the bottom, there are two type of money amount which the hero have, the Jill and the Gold. The Gold can recieveed in varied ways, from selling item to completing a mission, in contrast, the Jill can only purchase from the game publisher. After the player buy the Jill, the server will send a mail into the in-game mailbox, use the mail box and open the mail, then click on the “Withdraw” and the player will receive the Jill.

The last, wearing slots is showing what the hero wear at that time. Each slot represents each type of the equipment, it can be replace by the same type gears in the inventory. They also can be left empty, except the weapon that must be holding all the time.

3)Skill panel - If clicking on the “Skill” button, the Skill Panel will appear. It present all of Skill Tree of that hero. The Skills can be split into two type, the Active and Passive. Active Skills is the Skills which require command from the player to be used, while the Passive affect the characters all the time as long as complete the condition. How to recognize the Active and the Passive can be done by the frame that covering an icon. The Passive Skills which the hero has learned will have ironic grey frames, and its icon is always in vivid.
On the other hand. Active Skill show the icon in a woodish brown frame. If the picture is darken, it means that Skill is not ready to be used, either form insufficient resource points or during in a cooldown phase.

Not all the skills can be learn as soon as the beginning, they need some complicated requirement. First, players have to check that is the Skill available to be gained or not, by searching its blacken icon with a small plus on bottom-right. Then, left click on that icon to gain the Skills.
If the icon and detail are show as "Unknow", the hero must studies the skill in the same horizontal line, and may includes others Skills in the same Tree as defined by value after the "unknow".
The first figure represents how many skills in that Tree have been learned while the later refers to how many Skills are needed before that Skill can be acquired.

Thelast tab in this panel is Emotion tab. Unlike other Active Skills, These Emotions don't need any resource point to use. So, the player can enjoy expressing thier feeling to others limitlessly.

*Note* The player can select Skill freely between the Tree, not be limited by the Tree they have choose a Skill before.

Image Image
4) Quest panel - the Quest Panel will be appeared after click on the "Quest". This panel gives informations about the current mission, quest and specific memo by each own tab. In case the heroes are during in the mission, The Mision Tab will show the detail and a goal of that mission. When the player want to quit the mission, there is a button to do it in this tab.
Same as the mission's one, the Quest Tab represent what quest has the hero accept and how to complete it. However. The quest cannot be canceled in this tab, the player must find the quest giver NPC to do this.

*Note* The Special Memo Tab still isn't available at this time.

Image Image Image
5) Network panel - When click on the “Network” button, the Network Panel will be shown in the game. This panel's propose is to manage communication by that player. It can be used to supervising the Guild which that player is the leader too.There are three tabs : Friends, Guild, and Chatlog.

Friend tab shows all of the players' names who added “Friend” by this ID owner and their logging in status. It has 4 more command for this tab, “Whisper” to making a private conversation to the selected player in the list, “Add ID” for adding any player into the friend list through the ID Code, “Remove” to erasing the selected name in the list, and “Block” for blocking a listed player to not whisper this ID owner.

Guild tab presents a list of members in the same guild of player and are they logged in now or not. There are 2 buttons below the tab, “Invite to Guild” adding any player into this guild if this ID owner has the authority to invite new members, and “Remove from Guild” to remove the selected members from the guild, only for authorized members too.

Chatlog tab records all of recent communications. By default, it shows all of messages the player have got but it can also presents only messages from the specific sources. The 4 colored words at the top of tab are the sorces of message, if click on any of them will toggle on/off to show message in that catagory.
Below the tab, there are 4 command botton too, "Area" to make all the messages from the player express in the public around his or her hero, "Party" allows only the teamates in the mission can recieve the text, "Guild" is same as the party's one except sending to the guild instead and can use any where, and "Save Log" to keep a log record in the game folder.

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