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System: Battle Mechanic

How character battle in 12 tails is its unique feature that made so the game so much fun to play. 12TailsOnline uses a system called “True Action Battle System” battle system which based on the real-time physic engine. Unlike most other Role-Playing-Game, nearly all of the attack can be blocked by any object that in the way of attack to the target. The attack can also simply be dodged by moving the heroes out of it. Skillful timing and good battle strategy then is key to victory.

Battle Mechanic Rules:

- Area attacks deal damage to the target space and any opponent as it’s named.
- Any target required action must lock on the target before initiated.
- Some of Skill need counting down before successfully activated, the heroes cannot move during it.
- Each character has the KO Point which will reduce if they’re attacked, when out of it they will temporally down or Knockout.
- When received damages, the Status from both side will take part in calculation.
- Size of the characters affects chance of dodging the coming attack though.
- Most of Skills have it own time recharging before next use, called “Cooldown”. It depend on both the Skill itself and AGI of the heroes.
- Every Skill except passive ones needs SP, MP or both of them in usage. If the requirement is labeled in blue color, it means this Skill won’t cost the point after activated.
- “Mana” is the specific point which generated through defeat enemies or by the time passed. It used in some special Skills.
- When heroes attacking or using Skills, they will receive “Hate” point. They will more likely to be targeted from NPC enemies as more Hate they get.
- All of characters have they own Line of Sight. It determines how they detect enemies when come in range.

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