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 Post subject: System : Interaction in the game
PostPosted: Thu Mar 01, 2012 4:49 pm 
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Interaction in the game

In the game, player must interact to others NPC who is not enemies in some way.Those characters are providers of many supplies and information to the heroes, the more contract with them will become more advantage. Not only have a chat, There are more action which can do with other players too. Follow by these instructions:

1)NPC talk - Talking to NPC, this can be easily done by point a cursor to them until the command "talk" appear on them and left click it.

2)NPC Shop - Some of NPCs have thier own shop. To deal business with them, player have to talks with them and the Shoping Window will appear. The window quiet similiar to the Item Panel, the different between them are the shop has the list of good and replace the Status and Equipment Slots by good's detail.
To buy any good, left click on an item in the list and chech quantity in the detail box, if the players want more they can click on the up/down arrows next to the item icon, and then press the "Buy" button to complete the deal. On the other hand, Players can sell the items they have by select an item in own inventory during the deal, and do the same as buying.

3)NPC Compounder - There are item compounder among the NPCs. To let them blending, talking to them will open Compounding Window. It will look like the Shop Window by replace the goods list to be a recipe table.Click on the wanted item, the detail box will show the required ingredient and success possibility. It also has the tabs which represent each kind of items the compounder can mix above the table. A blend button is on the middle left of the window.
It can also give the money to the compounder to get more chance to succes through the box in the middle of window. Some of recipes allow players to choose which item they want to be the ingredient by put that item into "C.Item" slot in the detail box though.

Image Image
4)Changer column and the chest - Changer column is the NPC object which used in changing heroes during the game. When talk to it, heroes picture who are owned by the player will be shown at the bottom right of the screen, then left click one of them and the hero will be changed. For the chest, This useful NPC is for keep any item by not carry it. Inside the chest is nothing more than the second inventory which has nothing to be complicated.

5)Player's trading - To trade with another, players have to left click on the "T" alphabet under the target hero's picture to let trading box appear. After put any item or money into the box, the player must check if the thing is correct then press the "Confirm" and "Trade" button. The dealing would be complete after this.

6)Player's Shop - Players can open their own shop through a rabbit's skill "Mall". After use this skill, the empty goods list will appear to let player put the goods from an inventory into it. The figure next to amount of the item in the list is the selling price of that goods, it can be change up to the player who selling it. When ready to sell, Clicking the button "Open Sell" will actually starts the shop. They can press "On Hold" at the same button agian to fix the list too.

Other players can buy anything in the shop as same as the NPC, the only different between NPC and bunny shop is the later doesn't buy items from the player though.

7)Adding player to friend - Players can add one another into the friend list by 2 method, clicking the alphabet "F" under the target detail on top-right or type the command "/addfriend" follow by the target's ID CODE which players know it from the Friend tab in a Network Panel too. After that, they have to wait the target's answer.

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