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System: Stats
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Author:  admin [ Mon Jul 01, 2013 5:42 pm ]
Post subject:  System: Stats

System: Stats

All characters in 12TailsOnline share a basic power stat system. Each stat determine the power and effectiveness of each hero in each area. They are as follow.

HP: HIt points or life points of each character. Character will die when this reaches 0.
MP: Magic points or the remaining magical energy of the character. They are consume when most magical spells are casted.
SP: Skill points or the remaining special energy of the character. Typically they are consumed when most skills are activated. They can also be gained by dealing or receiving attack.

ATK: Attack or character's physical power. This determines how much damage is dealt from character's physical attack.
DEF: Defense or character's defensive power. This determines how much damage is reduced once the character get attacked. It also raise how much character can stand attacks before they received the 'knock down' status.
VIT: Vitality or character's life power. This help raise the maximum HP that the character can have.
AGI: Agility or character's speed. This determines how fast each character moves in battle. They also help reduce the cooldowns allowing character to repeat the same attack faster.
INT: Intelligence or character's magical power. This determines the maximum of character's MP. Higher value of INT will also make characters cast spell at a faster speed.
CHA: Charisma or character's influential power. This determines how long the character can affect or be affected with buffing and de-buffing status.
TAL: Talent or character's expertise of their skills. This determines how much character deal damage with special attacks and spells. They also help raise character's normal level of SP.
LCK: Luck or character's power of good chance. Higher values will give character a better fortune at randomizing chance.

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