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 Post subject: System: Control System
PostPosted: Thu Mar 01, 2012 4:45 pm 
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Controlling heroes

As heroes are the avartar of the player in the games, how to command the them is very important. Different from most of MMO-Role Playing Game, walking is using a keyboard and a mouse to targeting and fire. Just pressing the kayboard, the character will run to any direction. To aiming, players may manually aim by themselves fot best but not always necessary.They can use Auto Lock by pressing Space Bar for an enemy or Shift for an ally, this makes the game easier for players who aren’t good at a bare eyes shooting.

To attack, the players can either move their cursor to the target or using an Auto Lock, then clicking on the left mouse button. The right click is used for locking both an enemy and ally, too. There is also charging the attack which has different effects based on the selected hero. To charge an attack, players must hold a left click for the time being then release.


w- Forward
s - Back
a - Left
d - Right
q/e - Left / Right
z/c – Turning camera left/right

Left click – Attack / Charging (if holding the button)
Right click – Lock the pointed target
Space - Circle enemy target
Shift - Circle ally target

0-9 - Use command shortcut in 1-10 slot
Tab- Switch command shortcut to the first or second set
Alt0-9 – Use the third set of command shortcut in 1-10 slot

Enter – Open chat window
Up/Down – Scroll chat log up/down

Hold right click – Turning camera / Drag the icon
Scroll wheel – Zooming camera
Pg up/down - Zooming camera
Home – Return the camera to a default view
End – Toggle on/off low camera view

Esc – Open option menu
F1 - Open item panel
F2 - Open skill panel
F3 - Open quest panel
F4 - Open network panel
F5 - Taking screenshot
m – Open world map

+/- Adjust sound volume up/down
ctrl+/- Adjust music volume up/down

ctrl-r - Toggle auto aim
ctrl-f – Toggle auto skill aim
ctrl-n - Toggle name display
ctrl-g - Toggle guild name dislay
ctrl-p - Toggle player name dislay
ctrl-c - Toggle character name dislay
ctrl-z - Toggle all display
ctrl-v - Toggle vivid mode

alt-q – Bowing action
alt-w - Waving action
alt-e - Cheering action
alt-r – Laughing action
alt-a – Talking action
alt-s - Posting action
alt-d – Dancing action
alt-f – Fight positioning action
alt-z - Sleeping action
alt-x - Sitting action
alt-c - Crying action
alt-v - Begging action
atl-0-9,alt(+),alt(-),alt-y to alt(\) – Emotion balloon

Joystick (PS2-type)

Direction Button - Run
analog1 - Run
analog2 – Turning camera

a - Attack / Charging (if holding the button)
b – Skill / Talk
x – Lock / Unlock target
y – Open Skill panel

L1 - Circle ally target
R1 - Circle enemy target
L2 - Cycle skill left
R2 - Cycle skill right
L2+R2 - Use FinalMove

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